Why Humble Hockey?

As I’m putting together this website, I can’t help but examine our motives. Why try to do something so many other people have done/are doing? What makes us different? Makes our concept relevant?

Case in point, adding hockey photos to the site. I have awesome pictures in my photos app, but they’re not quite setting the right tone. Big, shiny shots, some attempting to capture what it’s like to see a superstar hockey player tally his 1000th point. They just don’t necessarily fit. Why not? It’s why people play hockey, right? Accolades, stardom, record books, the f@%kin’ Stanley Cup! Nah, not it.

It seems to me that this game is in fact, not about the magnificent. This game is about the Humble. It’s about the people. It’s about the choice to play a game that’s not particularly easy, not particularly cheap, and not particularly convenient. It’s about embracing a game that has at times frightened, estranged, or even excited people, and if you’re familiar with a particular contest in 1980, united people. It’s about the parents who’ve sacrificed time, money and sleep. It’s about the kids who've fallen hundreds of times to get back up and keep skating. It’s about the love of the unwritten essence of the sport.

So it’s just that. The answer to my question is simple, it’s that intangible feeling which keeps players lacing up skates. In the years I've been playing hockey, I haven’t heard a player eager to share what they want to accomplish, or what they have accomplished. I have, however, listened to players talk about why they play.

“For the love of the game, man.”

“Feels great getting out on the ice and sweating and having a blast at the same time.”

“I just love to play, always have.”

As this brand continues to develop and this community continues to grow, it’s embracing that intangible feeling that’s going to be the difference. We can’t wait to share with you our vision for preserving the timeless integrity of this sport; so that generations to come will get the chance to experience that same feeling. It’s time to embrace this great culture for what it’s always been to those close to the game. That feeling.

So in a nod to the unsung heroes of hockey, we can’t wait to meet you.

See ya out there.


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