Things change. People, places, stuff we love - evolves. That’s life, right?

Sometimes, change is worth standing behind - when transformation affects the “greater good.” And, sometimes, someone needs to champion the preservation of what is original. Sometimes, how something was intended at the start is how it should stay. We believe that the spirit of hockey is one of those things.

Humble Hockey began as a way for some regular dudes who just love the damn game, to see to it that someone kept the grit, discipline, humility and integrity - that unmistakable culture of hockey, alive and intact.

The stories of the kids who are first on the ice and last off, the guys who always set up the other dude’s shot, the parents who sacrifice time, money and sleep, the vets who skate free, the ones who aren’t here to go pro but still live and die by the ice - those stories are our stories too. We get it because we’ve lived it.

The sport of hockey naturally lends itself to story and ours is no exception. Ups and downs. Ebbs and flows. Ultimately, we’re childhood buddies – an army veteran and an entrepreneur, refusing to relinquish our grip on the fun and excitement of sport, which we grew up endearing.

Now we’re on a mission to bring high-end products that deliver the best experiences and opportunities, laced with the culture of hockey to more people around the globe. The sport has always been cost-prohibitive but, we’ve set out to change that. The chance to play one of the greatest games in history doesn’t have to be so expensive.

We’ve formed relationships with factories that make the gear for the big boys. We’re creating clothing that allows us to curate apparel for hockey players and fans, while adding personalization and customization, and ultimately offering it all to any hockey player at a fraction of the cost.

We are rooted in the greater good. We believe in the adage, everybody eats. We strive to apply this to relationships with hockey organizations throughout our community, in a way that hopefully helps grow the sport, for the sport.

It’s not about the t-shirts, the hats, the hoodies, or the dollar attached to all of that. It’s about making sure everybody that loves hockey has all the resources available to play the game and keep the culture alive.

It’s about skating hard and staying humble. We’ll see you out there.

 - Mike + Corey






We set out every day to walk our talk, be the hardest workers in the room and get the job done. We don’t ask anybody to do anything that we wouldn’t put ourselves through first. 


When we walk through the office door in the morning, or hop over the boards for a shift, we’re going to earn our spot with hard work and dedication. We believe that getting your hands dirty pays dividends that dollar bills can’t. 


This is an expression that's heard in every conversation had with the goal of growing our business. It’s a microcosm of our business plan. There doesn’t have to be winners and losers in business. We strive to make sure that everything we do brings opportunity to everybody with whom we engage. Everybody can earn a seat at the table. 


We don’t think this requires any additional explanation. Never lose hope, just get out there and be a good human.